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When you visit the Pechenga District you will find yourself in the North-western part of Russia, also known as Lapland.

The Pechenga district marks the date of its official founding as July 21, 1945. Nickel town is its administrative center. The district is situated near the Northern Russian boundary. It was named after Pechenga river. The word Pechenga means "pine" translated from Saamese. Sturdy hunters and anglers have been living here since the Neolithic Age.

The Pechenga Monastery was founded by the Christian missionary Triphon in the 16th Century. He built the Boris and Gleb Church. The original church was destroyed in the 17th Century. A new church was built in 1874. The new church is still standing.

The most difficult time for the district came during World War II. There was much destruction in the district. Those who defended the Pechenga district stayed on to restore the towns and villages destroyed by the war.

The district has several big settlements and the town of Zapoliarny, which was founded in 1956.

Metallurgy workers, miners, chemists, geologist, construction workers, farmers, merchants, transport and energy workers live in the district.

The Pas River power station system is in our district. The Kola Super-Deep geological hole mentioned in Guinness Book is also situated in the Pechenga district.

Our district is not only an industrial center but is also a cultural center with many cultural palaces. We have many schools, including; musical schools, art schools, a technical school and institute. We also have a local museum, and the World's First Astronaut Yuru Gagarin Museum.

Our district has good relations with closest neighbors of the Sоr-Varanger (Norway) and Inary (Finland) communities.

Regional fauna is typical for the North with reindeers, elks, brown bears and squirrels. There are many lakes and rivers with beautiful waterfalls in the area. The rivers are good for fishing. You can catch trout and salmon. Pechenga gulf is one of the best harbors on the Kola Peninsula. A Norwegian-Russian Natural Reserve is situated in Pechenga district.

When You come to Pechenga district you will find yourself in the land of the Pine river, which is lovely every season of the year.

Sometimes winter begins in October and lasts till May. The long Polar Night starts in December. This is the magical time when the play of darkness and light has a dramatic effect on nature. This is also the time of Aurora Borealis. The skiing, skating, ice fishing and hunting are very popular this time of the year. Especially January through March when the Sun shines again.

In March you can take part in a skiing festival called The Ski-Track of Friendship. Here you will meet people from Russia, Finland and Norway and you can stand in three different countries at one time.

Visit the traditional folk festival "Seeing off the Russian Winter" in April.

Visit our district in summer time to enjoy unspoiled nature. The area is great for forest hiking, rowing and fishing. Try your luck catching a big salmon at the licensed fishing stations on the Pechenga and Titovka rivers.

The traditional Day of Metallurgists is a celebration of the profession that occupies most of the working population of the district. The celebration brings popular music to the streets and squares in July. Local bands and big name groups from the capital play there.

There are many nice things to do in the marvelous Fall season, which starts here in early August. Pick up mushrooms and berries for instance. On the cold winter evening you will be tasting home made red bilberry jam and remembering last autumn.

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